Monday, May 21, 2007

Just a little background.

I'm sure you've all seen, by now, the little description on the right-hand side of this blog that pretty much describes my basics. My mother is a Leader, and has gone to three previous conferences. This is going to be the first one I get to go to, so I'm really excited. I've grown up in the LLL world (my mother's mother was a Leader, too), so of course I'm looking forward to that aspect. It's always nice to be around people who can say "breast" without laughing. I'm also going to be on the Teen Staff for the conference- so if you go, chances are, you'll see me running around. I'm also looking forward to being on the Teen Staff, of course- if only for the t-shirts.

As for more about me, I'm the oldest in a family of four- I have a younger sister, and two little brothers. My youngest brother is two years old and still nursing, so of course he's coming. He actually got to go to the last conference in D.C. Of course, I was terribly jealous. My other brother is nine and he got to go to a conference... when my mother was pregnant with him, so I don't suppose that counts. My sister is going to be coming to the conference, hopefully.

I suppose I'll be posting more soon, about what else I'll be doing while in Chicago, and how all the planning and whatnot is going, because I guess that's what this blog is for. But the description about me over there is a little bland, and I wanted to add some flavor... because blogs are ever so much more interesting when you actually know the person writing them. So I'm going to try to do that a little bit... only not overmuch, because there's such a thing as knowing a person too well- and I don't know any of you, do I?



llli07conf said...

Hi, Kayleigh,

I loved reading your first post about your family and its longterm involvement with LLL. I bet you'll have a lot of fun working on the teen staff at the Conference. I look forward to meeting you there.


Shelly said...

I've thought about bringing my oldest daughter to this conference (she's 9.) What about the conference are you most excited about?

Kayleigh said...

In response to your comment, Shelly (I'll be doing a full-length post later on this), I'd say the thing I'm most looking forward to at the conference is meeting other children from LLL families. I'm also really REALLY looking forward to the World Faire, because my mom has told me a lot about it, and it soudns fun.