Saturday, July 14, 2007

Almost there!

Eek! The Conference starts next week! I'm EXTREMELY excited. It's my next big thing to do this summer, so I can finally look at it without worrying about anything that's in the way. My packing will, from now on, be dedicated to going to Chicago, which is, of course, exciting in and of itself. Packing is so much fun- and, yes, I've done a good deal of that in recent times. The thing about packing is that it gets you excited to go someplace. You have to plan all your outfits, know what the weather will be like, what you will be doing, and who you will be hanging out with.

And that's about it for today. I just wanted to post and say that I am excited. And to make it look like I'm actually doing something with this blog. So I don't feel guilty or anything.

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Anonymous said...

I told my boss this morning that I was almost all packed and she laughed at me! :)

Anyway, I just stumbled across these conference blogs and wanted to say that I think you will have a great time - I am 28 and this will be my 5th conference tagging along with my mom. She took me to the '81 conference in Chicago, which of course I don't remember, so I'm very excited to see where I've been!

Good luck getting ready!