Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Okay, so I am currently at the hotel. It's pretty sweet. There's people from LLL all over the place. It's crazy- I meentioned to my mom, after we'd talked to a few ladies, that they reminded me a little bit of my mother's mother and some of my mother's sisters, and my mom pointed out that my grandmother was a La Leche League Leader as well. So that much is cool.

The hotel is pretty fun, too. I like the chandeliers and all that, of course, but I mostly like how there are hallways all over the place, like an anthill. And we are the ants, of course- at least, that's how people look outside the window. It's pretty crazy.

I'm not typing this in the tech room, surprisingly. My mom's super cool roommate, Sandee, is letting me use her laptop. I think the tech room is closed right now, but I'm not sure. I'm really not willing to wait for an elevator down to where it is without knowing for sure if it's open. So I get to type this from the comfort of my room.

So, overall, I'm having fun. I start working in a couple days, and that should be fun, too. I registered today, and I got my own badge and bag and everything. It was pretty sweet.

And that's pretty much it. I haven't really done anything else. Except go swimming. Which was fun in itself.

I met some people from Oklahoma in the jacuzzi. Sadly, they weren't here for LLL. There are, like, two other conferences going on right now here. Which is fine, I guess. But the Pampered Chef people have ID badges very similar to the LLL people, so it's very confusing.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Conference
~Beth B.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Conference!
~Beth B.

Anonymous said...

Great entry. Especially the super cool roommate part.

<33 Sandee
aka Crazy Lady